Shaina NC’s Different Pallu Styles

Shaina NC's wears saree with different pallu styles

 NC's wears saree with different pallu styles

The famous fashion designer Shaina NC, shows us different ways of how you can style your saree pallu. Women dont have to wear the pallu in same style everytime.Indian women mostly pin up their pallu in front to look traditional. Saree gets a new look in her hands. In every photo she shows some variation with the way she handles the pallu. Though they dont have a specific name, try styling your saree pallu in any one of the styles above and look trendy. There is one thing common in all picture. She goes with two large pleats in front and keep it loose. We love all her styles. Shaina NC holds a world record for the fastest draping of a saree. Tell us which is your favourite style?

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