Embrace the Florals! – Causal Sarees with Floral Prints

Ever since Nayanthara appeared with a floral printed saree on her latest movie ‘Bagu Bangaram’, it became a craze among young ladies has to grab one of those sarees for their wardrobe.  These sarees are soft, comfy and add subtle beauty to  your style. If you are one who wonders where to buy these gorgeous designs, then please head over to the below site. Priced at Rs5150/-, we are sure this is the best bet if you are in love with floral!!!

Ph: +91-9550242399
WhatsApp No. +91-7799314623
Email : designer@singhanias.in
Website : http://www.singhanias.in/

Buy them directly at the link – http://www.singhanias.in/list/Silk+Kota/My01

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Top 10 Bridal Blouse Designs For Silk Sarees

Silk is the queen of fabrics! Nothing can beat a women’s love for silk sarees. There isn’t any wedding complete without a silk saree for the bride especially. And that is the importance of silk saree in India. These days, silk sarees are chosen for any occasion.

A gorgeous saree needs a stunning blouse to glam up in the most appealing way. Turn heads at weddings with a beautiful blouse. Below are the collection of amazingly designed blouses that will enhance the look of your silk saree. If you are in a confusion on how to embellish your bridal blouse, you are in the right place. Give yourself a magical look by trying a design from our catalogue.

Stone And Kundan Work Bridal Blouse

A perfect bridal blouse. These blouses come with a variety of patterns, style that makes u beautiful and dazzle amoung the crowd. The coloured work on blouses makes you look stunning. They are perfect choice for weddings, parties. Ladies who love colours, can go for it.

Stone and Kundan work bridal blouse designs

Stone and Kundan work bridal jacket designs

Stone and Kundan work bridal blouse designs

Stone and Kundan work bridal blouse patterns

Stone and Kundan work bridal blouse designs for silk sarees

Sequins and Beads Work Bridal Blouses

You can make your blouse pop up by adding sequins and beads. They too give a good shine and dazzle to your blouse. These blouses give a beautiful pattern when finished. The rows of beads and sequins enhances the blouse in an appealing way. A good choice for marriages, parties.

Sequin and Bead work silk saree blouse designs

Sequin and Bead work blouse designs for pattu sarees

Sequin and Bead work blouse patterns for silk sarees

Zardosi Work Bridal Blouse Designs

They top the latest trend in silk saree blouse designs. Most of the Indian brides choose for zardosi work on their bridal blouse just for the royal look on their big day. You can mix it up with stone work or embroidery work to bring the best finish.

Zardosi Work Bridal Blouse Patterns

Zardosi Work Bridal jacket designs

Golden Thread Work Bridal Jacket Designs

These designs are associated with golden threads and are best when used on a plain silk blouse. They add a regal brocade element that gives luxury in each deatil. Their beauty is enhanced when used along with stones. They are perfect for any occassion.

Golden Thread Work Bridal Jacket Designs for pattu sarees

Golden Thread Work Bridal blouse patterns

Golden Thread Work Bridal blouse images for silk sarees

Artistic Work Bridal Blouse Designs

These work of art are priceless and you feel like visiting an art gallery. They are best when used on plain silk blouses. These blouses can be teamed with a plain silk saree. We love the birds designs.

Artistic Work Bridal Blouse Designs for silk sarees

Artistic Work Bridal Blouse Designs for pattu sarees

Artistic Work Bridal Jacket Designs

Embroidery and Maggam Work Bridal Blouse Designs

These blouses adds more colour to your blouse.  They are a perfect choice for wedding and parties. You can mix it with zardosi design to add more elegance. The massive maggam and embroidery work in the below blouses makes it look very beautiful.

Embroidery and Maggam Work wedding blouse Designs

Embroidery and Maggam Work Bridal jacket Designs

Mirror Work Bridal Blouse Patterns

Mirror work has always been a choice for fashion designers particularly due to the gorgeous look they add to the blouse. Women who loves the shimmery effect and shine can go for it. They can be perfect for functions. You can either use creative patterns or opt for mixing it with embroidery designs.

Mirror Work Bridal Blouse patterns

Mirror Work Bridal Jacket Designs

Cut Work Bridal Jacket Designs

Cut works give a trendy look to the jacket. They can be a perfect choice for weddings and parties. You will look extemely fashionable when you opt for cut worked blouse.

Cut Work Bridal Blouse patterns

Cut Work Bridal Blouse Designs for Silk sarees

Cut Work Bridal Jacket Designs for pattu sarees

Kutch Work Bridal Blouse Designs

Kutch work blouses are very popular in Gujaraj. These are specific patterns filled with embroidery work and they give a classic look. Women who love colours will defenitely go for it. When you team it with silver jewellery, you will look drop dead gorgeous.

Kutch Work Bridal Blouse Patterns

Kutch Work Bridal Blouse Designs for silk sarees

Kutch Work Bridal Blouse Designs

Patch Work Bridal Blouse Designs

These involve sewing together the pieces of fabrics and creating a beautiful pattern.  You can add stones, beads to enhance their beauty. When they are teamed with the other works above, they look more attractive. They give you a cushion effect.

Patch Work Bridal Blouse patterns

Patch Work Bridal Blouse Designs for silk sarees

The above are a collection of South Indian bridal blouse designs. Try the above blouse designs for your silk sarees on your big day and make it lovely, cherish it with beautiful happy memories. We hope our catalogue of bridal blouse design images helped you.

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Top 15 Saree Jacket/Blouse Designs of All Time

Saree is the most beloved attire of every Indian woman. Saree is not an independent outfit. The jacket you pair with your saree can make or break your total look. It is absolutely essential that you should take special care in choosing your saree jackets.

The general blouse patterns we follow for every day wear is the traditional half sleeve design. It is most common among Indian women. It is considered to be safe bet. However, there are wide varieties of saree jackets available in the trend. A simple experimentation on these can give you the most refreshing look.

Here we have complied some of the top saree jacket/blouse designs that are hot on the market. Next time when you are in the dilemma of how to make your saree stand apart from others, try the jacket patterns that we have catalogued here. It will make a huge difference.

Embellished Saree Jackets

These are normal jackets adorned with specific embellishments. Stones, sequins, embroidery, mirror are widely used embellishments for these type of jackets.

These saree blouses can be worn in weddings, parties, events, and functions. It gives a rich opulence look to your saree. Women who love colours and shimmery effect love these kinds of saree blouses.

Embellished Saree Jackets Embellished Saree Jackets Embellished Saree Jackets

Collar Neck Saree Blouse Patterns

If you like to give a formal look to your saree, then try collar neck jackets. They give you a youthful and professional look. However, you can also try it out with your designer sarees to stand out in the crowd. Collar neck blouses also goes well with cotton sarees. Working women should have at least one of these in your collection!

Collar Neck Saree Jacket Design

Collar Neck Saree Jacket Pattern

Boat Neck Saree Blouses

This is a hot trend among celebrities. It gives such an edgy look.  This boat neck blouse goes well with designer and party wear sarees.  If you are a kind of person who doesn’t like to accessorize yourself, then you will love boat neck blouses. You don’t have to wear a showy necklace to turn other eyeballs; your stylish neckline is enough to make others glued to your attire.

Boat Neck Saree Blouse Jacket Designs

Boat Neck Saree Blouse Jacket Patterns

Waist Length Saree Jacket Designs

It is an upcoming trend which is widely loved and admired by many. It gives a classy look to women who want to stand unique in their outfits.

Though it is not common among ladies, you can spot these kinds of saree jackets in fashion shows and celebrity events. If you are a person who wants to catch up with upcoming trends, then this is the blouse for you.

Waist Length Saree Jacket Designs

Waist Length Saree Blouse Patterns

Full Sleeve Saree Jackets

Full sleeve jackets are all time class favourite of many. It is another good choice for women who want to make a difference in their formal wears. This kind of jackets goes well with cotton and chiffon sarees. While wearing this make sure you are not in a humid ambience.

Full Sleeve Saree Blouse Design

Full Sleeve Saree Blouse Jacket Patterns

Elbow Length Saree Blouse Design

This is another classic favourite of many women.  Especially, in weddings, elbow length saree blouse designs are dominating these days. This goes very well with silk sarees.

Silk saree blouse with heavy work on the arm space is the most wanted design by many brides. If you are too much into weddings and related events, then you should definitely own this one.

Elbow Length Sleeve Saree Blouse Jacket Elbow Length Saree Blouse Design

Short Sleeve Saree Blouses

This blouse patterns are loved by women of all age. Especially teens like this patterns a lot. These blouses will make you look young.  These can be worn with any type of sarees. Women who are conscious of arm size should avoid this as it will suit only for lean and toned arms.

Short Sleeve Blouse Designs

Short Sleeve Saree Jacket Patterns

Three Fourth Sleeve Saree Jackets

This is an extension to elbow length saree jackets. If you are fat, then this kind of blouse will suit you much. You can widely spot this kind of jackets on celebrity actress Vidhya Balan. It is suitable for both silk and party wear designer sarees.  It also has a tendency to give a graceful professional look if worn properly.

Three Fourth Sleeve Saree JAcket Desings

Three Fourth Sleeve Saree JAcket patterns

Three Fourth Sleeve Saree JAcket Catalogue

Sleeveless Saree Jackets

This is a classic cult favourite worn by generation of women.  This is the celebrity’s every day choice.  This is one of the most comfortable jacket styles. Especially for our Indian climate this will be the most suitable choice. If you have well-toned hands, then please grab this and you won’t regret.

Sleeveless Saree Blouse Designs

Sleeveless Saree Jacket Designs

Back Open Saree Blouses

Saree blouse patterns don’t stop with neck and sleeves.  You can be creative and make your jacket look unique by the design you opt at the back. There are tons of back open designs available for sarees. Depending upon how comfortable you are, you can try out these kinds of blouses.

Back Open Saree Jacket Designs

Back Open Saree Jacket Patterns

Tie Back Saree Jacket Designs

This is a variation of back open blouses, where a pair of thread is generally used at the back to attract the eyes. This is widely seen in silk sarees. Nevertheless you can try these in any saree blouse without much of the fuss of other heavy work. A simple thread is enough to make your look blouse look gorgeous.

Tier Back Saree Blouse Designs

Tier Back Saree Jacket Patterns

Tier Back Saree Blouse Designs

Puff Sleeve Saree Jackets

If you are kind of person who loves traditional looks, then this will become your favourite. It gives such a homely look. It is very suitable for silk sarees. These kinds of saree jackets suits for lean women.  If you are short and fat, better stay away from these as it will make you look fatter.

Puff Sleeve Saree Jacket Designs

Puff Sleeve Saree Jacket Designs

Net Saree Blouse Patterns

This is the perfect choice of party wear sarees. It gives a modern touch to our ethnic sarees. You can wear them at wedding receptions and night parties. You can be creative with these blouses by opting for more work over the netted area of the blouse. Also you can show variations in your sleeves and neck with these blouse designs.

Net Saree Blouse Jacket Design

Net Saree Blouse Jacket patterns

Halter Neck Saree Jacket Designs

The will be perfect jacket for tall women. If you are tall and lean, then you can be a fashionista with halter neck blouses. This jacket will look better with designer sarees or plain sarees. This is another widely loved blouse pattern by our celebrities.

Halter Neck Saree Blouse Designs

Halter Neck Saree Blouse Models


Mirror Work Saree Blouses

The beauty of mirror on a blouse can elevate the look in unknown ways. A blouse can be beautified by many ways. However, nothing can beat the work of mirrors. It is simple. It is beautiful. It is a perfect choice for plain sarees.

Mirror Work Saree Blouse DesignsMirror Work Saree Blouse Patterns

These are some of the hot saree jacket patterns and designs available in the trend.  Don’t stick with the traditional half sleeve blouses. Go ahead and experiment with these jacket styles and bring out the fashionista in you! We hope you love our catalogue of designs. Do comment and let us know!

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Elegant Handloom Sarees with Ethnic Kalamkari Touch

indian saree design indian saree designs saree patternsIndian women always hold a special place in heart for hand loom saree collections predominently during the summer seasons. These sarees are customized with specific kalamkari designs and requested colours based on individuals taste. Listed above are few samples. To grab one for your own you can reach out to,


Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/masterweaverdesigns

Number : 088013 02000

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